Charter of Ville de Montreal


The Charter of Ville de Montreal (CQLR c C-11.4) protects any person who makes a disclosure regarding a wrongdoing to the inspector general.  The Act prohibits any reprisals against a person who has made a protected disclosure.

What kind of disclosure is protected?

The Act protects any person who, while acting in good faith and on the basis of reasonable belief, has disclosed information regarding a wrongdoing to the inspector general.

Under the Act, a wrongdoing s.57.1.18 is defined within the meaning found in the Anti-Corruption Act (CQLR c L-6.1).

How are whistleblowers protected?

The Act prohibits any person from taking any kind of reprisal against anyone who has made a protected disclosure. Any individual who knowingly takes any kind of reprisal is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine up to $20 000 for a natural person or up to $250 000 in other cases. For any subsequent offence, the amounts are doubled.

Under the Act, a reprisal s.57.1.15 includes:

  • taking a disciplinary measure against the employee;
  • demoting, transferring or suspending the employee;
  • terminating the employment of the employee;
  • taking any measure that adversely affects the employment or working conditions of the employee; or
  • making a threat to take any of the measures above.

The inspector general must take all necessary measures to protect the identity of persons who have communicated a wrongdoing s.57.1.14.

How should disclosures be made?

Be careful! Despite presenting some challenges for follow ups, one of the best protections for whistleblowers is their anonymity. Be cautious when providing any information through electronic means, especially emails! Read the security tips section.

In order to make a disclosure to the inspector general, you can complete the online form or contact the reports and disclosure hotline by:

Phone: 514-280-2800
Fax: 514-280-2877

For additional information regarding the whistleblowing process following your disclosure, please visit the Reports and Disclosure Hotline Website.